This unique concrete bar with rounded edges and curved façade was a co-design process. We received the initial design from Freehaus Architects, and brought their design to reality. In addition to the complex curvature of the required mold, we colored the concrete with pigment to match the exact color palette of the interior plans.

We had the opportunity to design special details in this counter, as well as the custom made glass rinser and drip tray, and the modbar modular espresso tap system from La Marzocco. The models are hidden underneath the bar. Taps are visible, entirely built in. A common problem in cafés is that taps are fairly low. But if you want to align them with coffee machines, they need to be lifted. Our design included special 'feet' poured into the mold itself, in order to build it all in one piece. This has never been done anywhere else.

In one of our most complex projects to date, the moulds had to be as perfect as possible. The volume of the overall bar required a lot of initial design problem-solving, in addition to the challenge of creating smooth, rounded edges with a material as unpredictable as concrete. Placing it with precision, smoothing and polishing it.

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